Annette Duval


The pressures involved in deep space operations require that the crews of these starships and stations have a place to come together and socialize. The Ten-Forward Lounge, Quark’s, and The Haven are among some of the more recognizable of these entertainment centers. The Oberon’s task as a deep space explorer prompted Starfleet to contract a protégé of the Federation renowned Chef and Entrepreneur, Chance to operate the vessel’s primary Crew Lounge.

The Venue is a state of the art Bar Lounge sporting a modern décor finished in natural woods and fabrics to provide a comfortable atmosphere where the crew can unwind. Large ports look out onto Space giving the Venue a vast open feel. Off to the port side is a smaller area reserved for the Captain and his guests. A large holographic Wine Rack allows for easy selection while maintaining safety during emergencies. The Captain’s Private Dining Hall is situated behind this area where dinner meetings can be held in a little less formal atmosphere.

Annette Duval, is a skilled Chef and Hostess. The Venue is the first of what she hopes will be a successful line of such facilities.

Main Lounge

Captain's Lounge

Captain's Dining Hall