Sigma Librae is a Class-M Red Dwarf star in the Beta Quadrant approximately 300 lightyears from Earth. The system contains three planets, an Asteroid Belt and one Rogue Planet with a highly eccentric orbit.

Sigma Librae I is a barren Class-H desert world with an atmosphere containing metal vapors with a surface diameter of 8,200 kilometers. Surveys have found no life there.

Sigma Librae II is a Class-P planet about 2/3 the size of Earth. Covered entirely by surface water ice, it is the home to Starfleet’s newest deep space facility Ice Station Zebra.

Sigma Librae III is an extremely cold Class-K world, covered by large sheets of methane ice. The planet is apparently rich in minerals but they buried deep beneath the surface. It would take a company with incredible resources and a spirit of adventure to mine this inhospitable treasure trove.

Starfleet Ice Station Zebra at Sigma Librae II

Facility Type: Domed (Duranium Frame with Translucent Aluminum Plates)
Length: 1.5 kilometers
Height: 300 meters at central point

Environment: Class-M (Specialized habitats available)

Defenses: Standard Deflector Grid
(10) Type XII Phaser Towers
(10) Probe / Torpedo Launchers

Crew Compliment: 950 + 200 Civilians

Embarked Craft: 100+ Shuttles and Runabouts of varying types

Plans for Ice Station Zebra at Sigma Librae II were started almost immediately upon the decision to increase the focus on exploration of the outer Beta Quadrant. While the temporary outpost has served to maintain the ships assigned to the Hurucan Sector, this new Class-1 facility will provide a more secure and viable waystation for the Hurucan Exploratory Task Force.

Some of the more notable places are as follows:

Zebra Command Building – Command and Control Center located at the center of the station. With ten stories above ground and another five below, ZCB represents the tallest building in the dome.

Federation Center For Disease Control Building – This structure is the most recent addition to the station. The FCDC in cooperation with Starfleet Command has established a ‘Wildfire’ Lab to be run by FCDC Deputy Director Miranda Osbourne-Hex. The building has four stories above ground and four below with independent power supplies and environmental systems.

The Walkabout – The Walkabout represents the diversity of the United Federation of Planets in the form of shops, restaurants, and entertainment. About two-thirds of the Walkabout is open with more businesses opening every day.

Sigma Consolidated Enterprises – This small building near the ZCB is the home of the company that Starfleet subcontracts to operate the Dilithium Cracking Station on Sigma Librae II. They are a relatively new company run by an ex-member of Starfleet.

Zebra Command Aerodrome: Located at the far eastern end of the dome and accessed via secure Transporter and dedicated Tube System, the Aerodrome houses numerous shuttles and provides maintenance, storage, and docking facilities for both Starfleet and civilian flight operations. Nothing gets in or out of Ice Station Zebra without passing through the Aerodrome first.

Monument Park: This huge wooded area covering hundreds of acres has running / biking paths, a freshwater lake, and several picnic areas. Modular Personnel Systems can be put into place to accommodate specialized events anywhere in the park.

Station Zebra continues to grow as those seeking new opportunities may decide to chance a new life on the frontier.