This page turns out to be one of the most important to me. It doesn’t have any fancy pictures or sophisticated layouts. It’s simply words in a box. Good words though, words that need to be written and read.

I would like to thank Sixth Fleet for hosting this simulation and allowing me to take a small role in its continuing development. The images on these pages are a large part of what makes them look so attractive. Many talented people spent hours creating them and while I cannot name them all I owe them my thanks for their hard work and continuing dedication to their craft. Wherever possible names of the artists have been left intact so that others can know these brilliant creators.

Thanks to Paramount Pictures, CBS, Pocket Books, DC Comics, and Activision. Websites Ex Astris Scientia, Daystrom Institute, Neutral Zone, Memory Alpha, Star Trek, Cygnus X-1, and any and all that I might have scraped a nugget of Trek information from. You guys are the best!

Now the best part, the personal thanks.

The crew of the Oberon is a varied and wonderful bunch. They truly keep me on my toes and make me want to tell better stories. When sculpting your own corner of the universe, you have to listen to your crew and make them a part of it. I have asked and they have answered. Most of what you see on these pages is because of their input and guidance. A few names stick out for me though and I owe them a bit of personal thanks.

Piotr Mierzejewski, my Executive Officer and good friend who has always made himself available for a chat as to where we are and where we are going. We agree more often than not, yet when we disagree it is never with malice. He keeps me honest and that’s a good thing. Thanks Pio!

James Slattery, Second Officer and the quiet cool behind the Oberon. James is like the best athletes, doesn’t say much but just likes to play. When called upon though in those crucial moments, manages to get the big hit. That’s priceless. Hats off to you, James and many thanks for your support.

Nathalie Chapman, not enough words in the language for this woman. She has been and continues to be my staunchest ally, and in many ways my Muse for all things Trek. Much of what I have done in the genre is due in large part to her efforts and I am forever grateful. Most importantly she is one of my truest friends though we have never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face. Couldn’t do this without you, Nath.

Finally, thanks to The Great Bird of the Galaxy for giving us this wonderful sandbox to play in. You da man, Gene!

Qapla, Jolan Tru, and Clear Sailing!